What About Kids

WHAT ABOUT KIDS   “planting the seeds of faith, hope and love

Children are a precious gift from God and Trinity is “Kid Friendly”. We offer a variety of options for children of every age.

The Pray Ground for toddlers, is located in the front of the Sanctuary so children can view the goings on at the altar (or not) and parents can still engage in meaningful worship. A table with chairs, crayons, books and toys are within easy reach for little hands.

A Quiet Space is set aside in the Narthex with rocking chairs, toys and books in case a moment of quiet is needed.


Sunday School   Our Sunday School is completely free, fun and Jesus centered. Sunday School meets at 10:00 and usually lasts for one hour.  Thereafter, children are accompanied back to their parents and join in the worship service. Most of our Sunday School teachers are professional teachers and are very astute to the needs of our children and ensure lessons are tailored age appropriately.

For children Pre K 3 through 5th grade we use age appropriate programs which include videos, lessons, Bible study, discussion, fun projects, music, crafts and snacks.

For Pre-teens and teens, we hold discussion groups on a variety of topics from Christian ethics, to Does God Care How I Use My Time, anything that will peak their interest while strengthening their belief in Christ. Our teens are also encouraged to participate in the life of the church and take an active role. Once confirmed, they become ushers, acolytes, lectors, Sunday School assistants and full members of the congregation.

We offer a 6 week program for children who are interested in Communion.  Lutheran tradition allows Baptized children to receive Communion if they (and their parents) are in agreement.  Our view is to educate the child and familiarize them with the Eucharist, provide a bit of history, include a tour of the Altar and answer any questions they may have.

Confirmation (Affirmation of Baptism)  classes are offered to 12 or 13 year olds.  It is at this age when we feel  young people are able to affirm the vows made for them at their Baptism.

    Communion Class circa early 1900’s Pastor Fredrick Sutter
             Communion Class 2019 Pastor Martin Malzahn